The woman became famous by selling stomach gas in a bottle, now pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth through her business

Some time ago, an American woman fart selling business created panic on social media through her strange business. Stephanie Matto, who came into the limelight from the American reality show ’90 Day Fiancé’, has come into the limelight by doing a strange work (weird jobs) more than she did not earn on TV. Actually, Stephanie used to sell her fart jar selling girl ie stomach gas in a glass bottle to unknown people till some time ago. Although she had left this job, but once again she has come in the headlines.

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, Stephanie (Stephanie Matto tribute to Queen Elizabeth) decided to pay tribute to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth tribute by selling fart) through her business itself. 31 year old Stephanie She had suffered a heart attack due to fart (woman sell fart to Britisher to pay tribute to Elizabeth) in the past, after which the doctor asked her to change her diet. To increase more business, she used to eat such food which would make more gas too. Due to which he had a heart attack and he had to leave this job. Then he started selling his chest sweat to unknown people on adult content site Unfiltered.

sold the fart made from the food eaten by the queen
You will be surprised to know that from such a strange business, she earns more than 37 lakh rupees in just 1 week. Let us now tell about the tribute paid by him to the Queen. Stephanie had said goodbye to the fart-selling business, but when Elizabeth died on September 8, she was also deeply saddened by it. At the same time, he was contacted by a person from Britain and demanded to buy a fart from him. The person placed a condition that Stephanie should eat the same food as the Queen used to eat and the fart made from it, Stephanie should sell that person. Since Stephanie herself was saddened by the death of the Queen, she decided to sell the fart again to pay tribute.

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Tribute paid to the Queen by selling gas for 1.5 lakh rupees
He researched on the Internet what the queen used to eat. Then they ate things like scones, venison, biscuits and baked beans for an entire day. After that, he packed the gas made in his glass jar and sent that person to Britain and in return charged him more than one and a half lakh rupees. Speaking to a website called NeedToono, Stephanie said that the Queen’s gas must have smelled great because it smelled good when she smelled her gas after eating the food she ate. She said that she wanted to pay tribute to the Queen, that’s why she accepted the man’s demand.

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