20 Affordable and Beautiful Products from Target

Promising review: “I have long, thick, 2c/3a curly hair. While I usually wear it air dried and natural, every once in awhile I like to straighten it. Enter these gems. After washing and conditioning, I apply leave in conditioner and heat protector to my hair. I then comb in back into a low bun and secure with one of these. The next day, my hair is smooth, manageable, and 75-80% dry. A little more heat protectant, 10-15 minutes with my Revlon oval dryer brush, and I have a blowout that lasts until I wash it again. These and the dryer paid for themselves after three blowouts. And I have zero heat damage. They are also great for the beach or pool. A quick rinse to get salt or chlorine out, slick back into low bun, and straight to errands, dinner, or bar.” —evapop

Price: $18 (available in two colors/patterns)

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